The portable studio and field dream team: Digital multi-channel mixer and multi-track recorder in one unit.

With its outstanding qualities, the  4MinX opens up new production opportunities for the music recordist and the broadcast and media industry: 4MinX is the first fully integrated multi-track digital recorder and mixer. It offers mixing and even recording of 5.1 or 7.1 – both indoors and outdoors.

Ability to adjust the levels on all inputs (including digital and digital microphone inputs).

Recent update includes the ability to add up to 7ms delay (adjustable in 0.1ms steps) to the analogue inputs to keep all microphones in synchronisation with each other – especially useful when using a digital microphone such as the Schoeps SuperCMIT which can have a long processing delay.

Remote control is possible via inexpensive control surfaces such as the Korg nanoKONTROL 2, so there is no need to purchase an expensive dedicated control surface when recording on a sound trolley or music on location.

AETA continuously improved and added features to the 4MinX – Scroll down for the latest firmware update and to download the latest User Manual

4MinX Data Sheet
4MinX User Manual – v1.7.7
4MinX QuickStart Guide
iXML implementation

Product Registration

4MinX – Audio Media Recorders Guide 2013 PDF

Download PowerPoint describing the 4MinX

Firmware v1.7.7
This is the latest firmware for the 4MinX.  Copy the “update.bin” file to the root of an SD card, insert the SD card into the 4MinX, select “Update firmware” in the “Tools” menu, and then follow the instructions.  NB: ONCE INSTALLED, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO DOWNGRADE TO VERSIONS EARLIER THAN v1.7!


“Not only does it sound good, it can record eight tracks at 96kHz.  It can accept AES42 digital mics and has custom monitoring set-ups for the Soundfield system available as an option”
“The audio quality is impeccable. I think the AETA mic amps deserve all the praise they get.”
Alistair McGhee, The Audio Production Network, December 2013

Download the PDF of the above review HERE

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