AETA’s codec range are designed and built not only with superb telecommunications technology, but also with the highest quality sound.  AETA are already renowned for the very highest audio quality in the mixers and sound recorders they have made in the past and they have included this high audio quality into their range of codecs.  So you don’t have to compromise audio quality when away from base.  Uniquely, with the “Remote Access” option, it is possible to control the codec remotely from base, so you no longer have to send an engineer to site.

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Scoop Team  –  Commentary codec with AoIP, ISDN and 3G/4G

Scoopy+ S  – Live reports codec with ISDN, POTS, AoIP and HD Voice over 2G/3G/4G

ScoopFone 4G  –  Mobile phone with AoIP and HD Voice over 2G/3G/4G
ScoopFpne 4G-R  –  Rackmount codec with AoIP and HD Voice over 2G/3G/4G

ScoopFone HD  –  Mobile phone with HD Voice over 2G/3G
ScoopFone HD-R  –  Rackmount codec with HD Voice over 2G/3G

ScoopFone IP  –  Contribution unit with AoIP over Ethernet

µ Scoop  –  Studio codec with AoIP over Ethernet

Scoop5 S  –  Studio codec with IP, ISDN, leased lines, POTS, 2G/3G/4G-LTE
Scoop5 S-IP  –  Studio codec with IP, Ethernet, leased lines

MultiSCOOP  –  RackMounted unit with up to 16 codec modules  –  NEW PRODUCT

eScoopfone  –  Smartfone codec app  –  NEW PRODUCT coming soon

AETA Catalogue 2018

Data Sheets and Manuals

AETA Remote Access information sheet