Trinnov Optimizer MC
The Multichannel version of the world’s leading digital room and loudspeaker correction system for surround sound monitoring applications

Trinnov adds Metering and control to the highly successful Optimizer product group.


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   Acquiring good sound and listening
   accurately to what is happening -
 arguably the most important things
you ever do in professional audio

Trinnov Optimizer ST2 Pro
The new stereo version of the world’s leading professional digital room and loudspeaker correction system.

Optimizer MC
500w LoudnessMeterV3.004

The Trinnov Processor MC is a powerful and modular platform for best-in class audio monitoring, and now also supports Stereo and Multichannel room/loudspeaker Optimization, Stereo or Multichannel metering with EBU R-128 compliant Loudness metering, as well as Touch Screen monitor control.

The software modules:
Optimizer Runtime
- runs the Optimizer filters as a ‘black box.’
Optimizer Toolbox - Measures, calibrates and computes the Optimizer filters, sets Target Curves
SmartMeter - integrated metering and monitor control via a Touchscreen

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