AETA Mini Catalogue
AETA Catalogue 2018

AETA 4MinX Data Sheets

AETA 4MinX Data Sheet
AETA 4MinX Quick-Start Guide
AETA 4MinX User Manual
iXML Metadata Implimentation

AETA Codec Data Sheets

Portable Audio Codecs

Scoop Team Data Sheet
Scoop Team User Manual
Use My Scoop Team Remote Edition information sheet
Scoop Team Special    (PDF copy of a PowerPoint presentation on the Scoop Team)

Scoopy+ S Data Sheet
Scoopy+ S Getting Started Guide
Scoopy+ S User Manual

ScoopFone 4G Data Sheet
ScoopFone 4G Getting Started Guide

ScoopFone HD Data Sheet
ScoopFone HD Getting Started Guide

ScoopFone-iP Data Sheet
ScoopFone-iP Getting Started Guide

eScoopfone Data Sheet
eScoopfone Getting Started Guide

Rack-Mounted Audio Codecs

µ-Scoop Data Sheet
µ-Scoop Getting Started Guide

Scoop5 S Data Sheet
Scoop5 S User Manual

Scoop5 S-iP Data Sheet
Scoop5 S-iP User Manual

ScoopFone 4G-R Data Sheet
ScoopFone 4G-R Manual
ScoopFone-R Rack Installation Guide

ScoopFone HD-R Data Sheet
ScoopFone HD-R Getting Started Guide
ScoopFone-R Rack Installation Guide

MultiSCOOP Preliminary Info. Sheet    –    NEW PRODUCT
MultiSCOOP Data Sheet
MultiSCOOP User Manual

Software Data Sheets

SIP Service Data Sheet
Remote Access Data Sheet
Scoop Manager Data Sheet
Use My Scoop Team Remote Edition information sheet

Information Papers / Remote Access & Double Streaming Instructions

AETA Remote Access Information Sheet
AETA AARC Remote Control Protocol Reference Manual
AETA Information Sheet – How to use “Double Streaming”  (Updated 2020 – now includes information on “bonding”)
Connecting a Codec on WiFi via a computer
Using the AETA SIP Server

HD-Voice Information
HD-Voice Information Paper
HD-Voice World Map
List of phones with HD-Voice
Link to Wikipedia list of smart phones with HD-Voice

AETA Infomation Pages
AETA Remote Access
AETA Scoop Manager