Other Data Sheets

Håkan Pop Killer

Håkan P110 Pop Killer
Fitting Instructions for Håkan INV-7HG-V and INV-7HG-H versions
How to mount the P110 Brauner version on to the Brauner elastic suspension

Maier Sound TURTLE

Maier Sound TURTLE

True Phantom

True Phantom
True Phantom User Guide
AES Paper – Improving Audio Performance of Microphones Using a Novel Approach to Generating 48 Volt Phantom Powering – Joost Kist & Dan Foley

HUM Audio Design

RS-2 User Manual
RS-2 Session Recall Sheet    (this is a printable sheet for the user to full in microphone settings for recall in later sessions)

Data sheets on the new ARM-1L, ARM-1S and RP-2 will be added here as soon as they become available.