Papers and Presentations

This page contains links to various papers and presentations.

The Ins and Outs of Microphones

This presentation by John Willett was presented at BVE 2017 and also at the European AES Convention in Berlin and PLASA London the same year.  It is the latest version of a presentation on Microphone Basics that was also presented at the AES in Paris in 2016.  It discusses microphone types, polar-patterns, proximity effect, microphone distance and room acoustics.  An extended presentation is being prepared for the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers.  This is the latest, updated, version.

The pdf of the annotated handouts of the PowerPoint presentation is HERE

Improving the Low Frequency Directivity of Line-Array Microphones

This paper was presented by John WIllett and Microtech Gefell’s Udo Wagner at the Institute of Acoustics Recorded Sound conference in Manchester in 2013.  It details the new KEM 975 line-array microphone and the Delta capsule that increases the directivity at low frequencies.  There is also a PowerPoint page that includes embedded audio to illustrate the effects of the Delta Capsule.

The pdf of the IoA paper is HERE

The PowerPoint slide with illustrative sound files can be downloaded HERE

Digital Microphones – AES42 and all that

This presentation by John Willett was presented at the 24th AES UK Conference “The Ins and Outs of Audio” in 2011.  It is a slightly more detailed version of the paper he gave at the AES Convention in London earlier in the year.

The pdf of the AES paper is HERE

Digital Microphones – What’s it all about?

This presentation by John Willett was his first AES paper on digital microphones and was presented at the 130th AES Convention in London in 2011.

The pdf of the AES paper is HERE

Recording Surround Sound with Height

This presentation by the late Mike Skeet with the help of John Willett was presented at the 25th AES UK Conference “Spatial Audio in Today’s 3D World” in 2012.  Mike waxes lyrically on his microphones and experiments on recording music in 5.0 with an additional 4 microphones / loudspeakers for the height information.

The pdf of the paper is HERE