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<monitor input> is Sound-Link’s occasional newsletter sent out by e-mail – Archive copies can be viewed below:

December 2018     (New Gefell Price Lists, AETA News, Pop Killers, Grandads of the Atlantic and Christmas closures)
September 2018     (IBC 2018, Gefell special microphones, new review links and ME-Geithain update)
May 2018     (Gefell 90th Anniversary special edition microphones and AETA codecs)
February 2018 – BVE     (BVE 2018 edition)
Christmas 2017     (Happy Christmas)
September 2017     (SoundPRO, True Phantom and Gefell SRM 100)
February 2017     (Gefell SRM 100 & new Håkan Pop Killer versions)
December 2016
     (Happy Christmas)
September 2016     (News on old website hack)
August 2016     (new Gefell M320 omni, new Gefell Nextel versions, ME-Geithan in Welsh studio & Charity concert in Chipping Campden)
March 2016     (Gefell at Chopin piano competition & Reviews on ME-Geithain RL944K and Gefell MD120)
February 2016     (BVE 2016 edition)
September 2015     (National Audio Show 2015 edition)
August 2015     (New Servers & ME-Geithain… the reasons why)
May 2015     (new Gefell MD300, Brighton Music Conference & Reviews on Gefell MD100 / MD110)
February 2015     (BVE 2015 edition)
January 2015     (new Gefell Decca Tree system)
September 2014     (new ME-Geithain RL940 monitor loudspeakers & show info.)
June 2014     (Gefell at BFBS radio & AETA software update info.)
March 2014     (Gefell CMV563/M7S wins pipa award, the TURTLE comes to Sound-Link & show info.)
February 2014     (BVE 2014 edition & “La Femis” bur several AETA 4MinX) 
December 2013     (Gefell smartphone toolkit, AETA 4MinX review, Gefell KEM975 talk at IoA conference)
Summer 2013     (SoundPRO 2013, new Gefell KEM975 line-array mic., Gefell M221 review & new Håkan Pop Killer version)
June 2013   (pdf)     (trade show info & Review of Gefell CMV 563 / M7S)
February 2013   (pdf)     (new Sound-Link logo, BVE 2013 edition, new ME-Geithain RL930K and RL941 & new Gefell SMS2000 knuckle)
Christmas 2012   (pdf)     (Happy Christmas)
Autumn 2012   (pdf)     (AETA 4MinX comes to Sound-Link, Reviews on ME-Geithain RL906 and Gefell M900 & M900 on Later with Jools)
Summer 2012   (pdf)     (John Willett buys Sound-Link ProAudio from Roger Clemo)