The Håkan P110 Pop Killer from Swedish microphone specialist is a very special pop killer that is specifically designed to effectively prevent plosives (pops) and, at the same time, to eliminate the audible colouration that other pop filters often display.

It is extremely effective in killing pops without compromising the frequency response and character of the microphone.

The foam used in the P110 was carefully researched to maximise pop protection and minimise colouration – the specially selected foam is “hydrophobic”; this means that it will not absorb water.  So moisture from the breath will not be absorbed by the foam and therefore does not stay on the filter to distort and colour the sound.

IMPORTANT NOTE – the foam pad of the Håkan Pop Killer is hygienic and hydrophobic.  It’s very easy to clean in warm water and a mild detergent (we have heard some people put them in the dishwasher) – rinse shake and it dries pretty quickly, so keeping the pad hygienic and clean.  ALSO – spare pads are easily available, so if your Pop Killer is used by several people, each person can have their own foam pad so there is no risk of passing any virus or germs to another via the pad.

Most pop filters are known to colour the sound.
Measurements made by in Sweden have proven this.
The colouration is clearly audible (red curve on the graph).
With the Håkan P110 Pop Killer (blue curve) there is no colouration.

Graph showing Pop Killer and fabric pop filter


Universal version – with a 3/8″ thread for mounting to microphone stands, etc.
Gooseneck version 1 – ¾” clamp – Gooseneck version for clamping to a microphone stand
Gooseneck version 2 – 1″ clamp – Gooseneck version for clamping to a larger microphone stand – this version has an anti-slip padded clamp   Recently Introduced
Gooseneck version 3 – stand mounted
– Gooseneck version for attaching directly to the stand.  It has a hole that goes over the standard ⅜” microphone stud and the microphone clamp is screwed on top to hold it tight (see picture)   NEW
Gefell EH93P version – for use with a Gefell EH 93P shockmount with an M 930 / M 940 / M 950 microphone (clip internal Ø = 45mm)
Gefell Ts version – for use with a Gefell EH 93P shockmount with an M 930Ts microphone – basically the same as the EH93P version but raises the foam filter a few mm higher to compensate for the longer body of the M930Ts (clip internal Ø = 45mm)
Brauner version – for use with Brauner Phantom / Valvet / Phanthera microphones – clips to the Brauner suspension
Neumann BCM version – for use with the Neumann BCM 705 or BCM 104 microphones – also fits the the Neumann TLM 103. Clips to the microphone (clip internal Ø = 45mm)
INV-7HG-V version – for use with a Rycote INV 7HG III suspension with a vertically mounted Gefell UMT 70S / MT 71S microphone   NEW
NV-7HG-H version – for use with a Rycote INV 7HG III suspension with a horizontally mounted small diaphragm condenser microphone   NEW
Gooseneck – for use with the Universal version (if required) – 35cm long, Ø 15mm, ⅜” standard mic. thread male/female

(The INV-7HG-V and INV-7HG-H versions are delivered complete with a captive fixing screw with washer and fixing tool – we can now offer these versions complete with the Rycote INV-7HG III suspension if required)

“To my ears the P110 is completely transparent and brilliantly effective … it sounds more transparent than all of them and is far better engineered than most.  If you are in need of a pop screen – and who isn’t? – I can’t recommend the Håkan P110 highly enough”
Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound, February 2014

Download the PDF of the above review HERE

Sound On Sound, Spotlight on microphone accessories – Håkan P110   (July 2014)

Data Sheet
Price List – November 2021

Fitting Instructions for INV-7HG-V and INV-7HG-H versions
How to mount the P110 Brauner version onto the Brauner elastic suspension