A Phased Array is, basically, a stereo pair with omni outriggers.

This version is an ORTF pair of the M 930 with a pair of M 221 omni outriggers with about a 60cm spacing of the omnis, though the omni spacing can easily be adjusted to suit if 60cm is found to be too wide in a particular situation.

This can be a very effective microphone array when you need a good stereo image, but need a bit more of the “room” or the extra bass extension that an omni gives to bring in the bottom end of a grand piano or organ.

Items Required:
1 x 211186 – M 930 ORTF stereo set, dark bronze (or 211185 for the satin nickel version, but the dark bronze matches the M 221)
2 x 211103 – M 221 (ordered as a matched pair)
1 x 600177 – mounting bar
1 x 600179 – T-piece

Technical Information:

M 930
M 221
Mounting Bar