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<monitor input> is Sound-Link’s occasional newsletter sent out by e-mail – Archive copies can be viewed below:

December 2023    (Happy Christmas & PF-2024)
October 2023    (NEW – Gefell M 400 series microphones “Generation 4”)
August 2023    (N-Trophy demos now available – new Gefell prices – Pro-Audio Show ’23)
July 2023    (Worldwide launch of the new HUM Audio N-Trophy mixing console at GearFest)
December 2022    (Happy Christmas & PF 2023 – Price increase on HUM Audio products)
September 2022    (New HUM Audio LAAL (Look Ahead Analogue Limiter) – The Pro-Audio Show – Special Offer (AETA µScoop))
May 2022 – NEW – NEW – NEW    (New AETA ScoopyFLEX – New Gefell M330 – New HUM Audio LAAL & N-Trophy mixer – and more…)
December 2021 – Christmas/PF2022    (General update – price increases – new mic. clip – AETA news – Håkan news)
December 2020 – 7½% off Gefell M930    (SPECIAL OFFER – 7½& off Gefell M930 and M930 sets until end January 2021)
November 2020 – 10% off Gefell CMV563/M7S    (SPECIAL OFFER – 10% off Gefell CMV563/M7S + FREE T-shirt)
October 2020 – IMPORTANT NOTICE    (Important notice about BREXIT and higher prices from January 2021)
August 2020 – AETA include DANTE    (Gefell summer offer ending, AETA now include DANTE – also lower prices and more functionality, link to the HUM Audio SOS review of the ARM-1)
June 2020 – win a Pop Killer    (win a Håkan Pop Killer & new HUM Audio Sound On Sound review)
May 2020 – working from home edition     (Gefell microphone bundles & lower Gefell prices + AETA codecs with free-of-charge “remote access”)
April 2020 – special lockdown edition     (Stay Safe! – Hygiene and ideas for people and broadcsters working from home + special Gefell prices)
March 2020     (COVID-19 statement, 2020 prices and updates on all main brands)
December 2019 – Christmas issue     (Gefell Sale ends, HUM Audio microphones, ME-Geithain RL934K now on demo, SLK906 flight case)
Black Friday / Winter Sale – November/December 2019
October 2019 – SoundPRO issue     (SoundPRO, M 102 review)
September 2019 – IBC issue     (IBC Amsterdam, AETA updates, Gefell Sale ending, Pricing)
June 2019     (Gefell Summer Sale, AES Dublin Video)
March 2019 – AES Dublin issue    (AES Dublin, Price Reductions, 4MinX special offer)
February 2019 – BVE issue    (BVE, NEW Gefell M 102, NEW AETA MultiScoop, HUM RS-2 microphone, Gefell Anniversary mics extended)
December 2018     (New Gefell Price Lists, AETA News, Pop Killers, Grandads of the Atlantic and Christmas closures)
September 2018     (IBC 2018, Gefell special microphones, new review links and ME-Geithain update)
May 2018     (Gefell 90th Anniversary special edition microphones and AETA codecs)
February 2018 – BVE     (BVE 2018 edition)
Christmas 2017     (Happy Christmas)
September 2017     (SoundPRO, True Phantom and Gefell SRM 100)
February 2017     (Gefell SRM 100 & new Håkan Pop Killer versions)
December 2016
     (Happy Christmas)
September 2016     (News on old website hack)
August 2016     (new Gefell M320 omni, new Gefell Nextel versions, ME-Geithan in Welsh studio & Charity concert in Chipping Campden)
March 2016     (Gefell at Chopin piano competition & Reviews on ME-Geithain RL944K and Gefell MD120)
February 2016     (BVE 2016 edition)
September 2015     (National Audio Show 2015 edition)
August 2015     (New Servers & ME-Geithain… the reasons why)
May 2015     (new Gefell MD300, Brighton Music Conference & Reviews on Gefell MD100 / MD110)
February 2015     (BVE 2015 edition)
January 2015     (new Gefell Decca Tree system)
September 2014     (new ME-Geithain RL940 monitor loudspeakers & show info.)
June 2014     (Gefell at BFBS radio & AETA software update info.)
March 2014     (Gefell CMV563/M7S wins pipa award, the TURTLE comes to Sound-Link & show info.)
February 2014     (BVE 2014 edition & “La Femis” bur several AETA 4MinX) 
December 2013     (Gefell smartphone toolkit, AETA 4MinX review, Gefell KEM975 talk at IoA conference)
Summer 2013     (SoundPRO 2013, new Gefell KEM975 line-array mic., Gefell M221 review & new Håkan Pop Killer version)
June 2013   (pdf)     (trade show info & Review of Gefell CMV 563 / M7S)
February 2013   (pdf)     (new Sound-Link logo, BVE 2013 edition, new ME-Geithain RL930K and RL941 & new Gefell SMS2000 knuckle)
Christmas 2012   (pdf)     (Happy Christmas)
Autumn 2012   (pdf)     (AETA 4MinX comes to Sound-Link, Reviews on ME-Geithain RL906 and Gefell M900 & M900 on Later with Jools)
Summer 2012   (pdf)     (John Willett buys Sound-Link ProAudio from Roger Clemo)