The ARM-1L is an active, phantom powered, ribbon microphone with a long (2″) ribbon.

The HUM Audio Devices ARM-1 L is an active, phantom powered, ribbon microphone with a long (2″ / 50mm) ribbon.  The HUM ribbon has a huge, larger than life, sound with a lot of depth and detail and, at the same time, preserves the classic ribbon sound flavour so much beloved by musicians and engineers.

The ARM-1L is basically the same as the ARM-1S, the only difference being the length of the ribbon (2″ for the 1L and 1″ for the 1S).

The microphone has an integral swotchable high-pass filter: off / 100Hz / 50Hz (see picture).

The difference in sound:
ARM-1L is more contoured, great to add some character to the sound.
ARM-1S is smoother and tonally balanced.


ARM-1L (blue suspension)
ribbon element:    2″ long (1.8µ aluminum foil, shielded with copper)
polar pattern:    Figure-8
supply:    Phantom +48V (+/- 5V)
frequency response:    30Hz – 14kHz (+/-3dB)
sensitivity:    -38dB (1V/Pa)
max. SPL:    137dB
output impedance:    22Ω (electronic)
recommended load impedance:    150Ω or greater
HPF:    50Hz (6db/octave)
anti-vibration system: Dual (external shockmount and internal vibration  isolators)


Mic body
Length:  286.5mm
Diameter:  60mm
Spider external diameter:  126mm

Flight Case
Length:  320mm
Width:   230mm
Height:  155mm

User Manual

This is a new microphone – more details will be added here as they become available.