The RP-2 is a remote controlled 2-channel microphone Class-A pre-amplifier with DI.

The HUM Audio Devices RP-2 is a high quality remote controlled 2 channel fully discreet Class-A microphone preamp with DI.

Although the RP-2 was designed to power and control one or two ARM-1L and/or ARM-1S ribbon microphones, it is also suitable for any phantom-powered microphone and is ideal for anyone working with Mid/Side configurations as the array is fully remote controllable – it also has a direct injection jack socket on each channel for an instrument input.

It comes complete with the remote control unit and connection cable to connect the remote to the main unit.  The remote uses standard XLR-3 connectors, so can be used with any microphone cable – because of this standard cable, it can be used through a studio tie-line with the RP-2 in the Studio and the controller in the Control Room.


PSU (built into the pre-amp housing): Classic linear, based on custom-made power transformer and ultra quality Linear Technology voltage regulators Internally switchable between 240V / 120V
Fuse:  250mA (240V operation) / 500mA (120V operation)

Connectors:  2 x Gold plated TRS inputs (Preamp Box),
                      2 x Gold plated Neutrik XLR Mic inputs (Preamp Box)
                      2 x Gold plated Neutrik XLR Line outputs (Preamp Box)
                      1 x Gold plated Neutrik XLR Remote input (Preamp Box)
                      1 x Gold plated Neutrik XLR Remote output (Controller)

Max. Output Level:  +27dBu
Output Impedance:  600Ω
Input Impedance:  XLR microphone i/p: 2kΩ
                                TRS line/instrument i/p: 100kΩ
Frequency Response:  20Hz – 50kHz (±0.4dB)
THD+N:  0.027% @ 60dB gain

Weight:  Preamp Box: 4.4 kg
               Remote Controller: 0.5 kg
               RP-2 set in Flight Case: 9.9 kg


PSU Unit
Length: 355mm (incl. sockets)
Width: 144.5mm
Height: 55mm (without rubber feet)

Length: 123.5mm
Width: 154mm
Height: 59mm (with knobs but without rubber feet)

Flight Case
Length:  340mm
Width:  490mm
Height:  180mm

User Manual
Session Recall Sheet    (this is a printable sheet for the user to fill in microphone settings for recall in later sessions)

This is a new product – further details will be added here as they become available.