A series of highly regarded nickel diaphragm capacitor microphones
with a membrane thickness of less than 1µm

  • M 294 – Cardioid with a presence boost (c. +5dB at 8kHz)
  • M 295 – Cardioid
  • M 296 – Omni
  • M 297 – Wide-cardioid (Hypo-cardioid)

This series of microphones have a nickel diaphragm 16mm in diameter (22mm for the M 296 omni) with a membrane thickness less than 1 µm.

The capsule is a ceramic capsule with the backplate coated in a thin layer of chromium that is then teflon coated to preven short-circuits in the case of the diaphragm bottoming out.

The capsule head contains an integrated shockmount that serves to control the mic’s directionality and to reflect off-axis sounds away from the diaphragm, helping to retain high-frequency detail that might otherwise be smeared by “modal interaction” and phase cancellation produced by reflected sounds.

The pre-amplifier circuit is a low-noise, transformerless design that is linear from 5Hz to 100kHz.

M 294 cardioid – exhibits a desirable treble boost rising nearly 5 dB in the 8 kHz region gives this microphone its special clarity.

M 295 cardioid – ideally suited for close proximity recordings, with a virtually linear response in the upper range and a gentle roII-off in the Iower frequency region to counteract proximity effect.

M 296 Omni – with a near linear response across the band (gentle 2 dB lift in 4 to 12KHz region) enables linear recording in the near and far fields, and handles high sound pressure levels with comfort.

M 296 S Omni – factory selected M296 microphone having an even flatter response than the M296. Response is within the DIN EN 60 651 class 2 specification for sound level meters.

M 297 wide-cardioid (Hypo-cardioid) – the half-way pattern between omni and cardioid

Finish: satin nickel or matt black

A Brief History of Microtech Gefell

M 294 Data Sheet
M 295 Data Sheet
M 296 Data Sheet
M 297 Data Sheet

Supplied with:

Wooden case

Optional Accessories:

Windscreen – W 71
Microphone holder – MH 64
Elastic (donut) suspension for holding Håkan P110 Pop Killer – EH 93-P satin nickel
Elastic (donut) suspension for holding Håkan P110 Pop Killer –EH 93-P dark bronze
Elastic suspension – EA 20 satin nickel
Elastic suspension – EA 20 dark bronze
Adaptor – A 93 satin nickel
Adaptor – A 93 dark bronze
XLR cable, 10m – C 70

Recommended – Håkan P110 Pop Killer – see HERE

The M 294 / 295 / 296 / 297 can also be used as a Boundary Microphone by using a “TURTLE” – for information on the TURTLE see HERE.


M 294 /295 (cardioid) Specifications:

M 294 (cardioid) frequency response & polar-patterns:

M 295 (cardioid) frequency response & polar-patterns:

M 296 (omni) Specifications:

M 296 (omni) frequency response & polar-patterns:

M 296S (omni – flat response) frequency response:

M 297 (wide-cardioid) Specifications:

M 297 (wide-cardioid) frequency response: