Small diaphragm capacitor compact microphone series with interchangeable microphone heads

  • M 400 – Cardioid
  • M 410 – Super-cardioid
  • M 420 – Omni-directional
  • M 430 – Wide-cardiod (hypo-cardioid)
  • MV 400X – microphone body with XLR connector
  • MV 400L – microphone body with LEMO connector
  • M 40 – Cardioid microphone head
  • M 41 – Super-cardioid microphone head
  • M 42 – Omni-directional microphone head
  • M 43 – Wide-cardiod (hypo-cardioid) microphone head

The M 400 (cardioid), M 410 (super-cardioid), M 420 (omni-directional) and M 430 (wide-cardioid) are very compact capacitor studio quality small diaphragm condenser microphones with interchangeable microphone heads (this series is about half the length of the old SMS 2000 series and about one-third shorter than the fixed-head M 300 series).

The M 40 (cardioid), M 41 (super-cardioid), M 42 (omni-directional) and M 43 (wide-cardioid) heads can be attached to the small MV 400X (XLR connector) or the smaller MV 400L (LEMO connector) microphone bodies.  Very flexible systems can be had by having (say) a pair of bodies and a number of different heads that can be freely swapped around.

This is a brand new series of microphones that will be available from March 2024 – we will update this page with more information, specifications, etc. as they become available.

A low-noise integrated hybrid circuit and the transformer-less circuit design ensure an extremely wide dynamic range with very low self-noise and high reliability in operation.

To ensure the highest quality, the phantom power goes through a DC/DC converter to raise the voltage to 60V – this high polarising voltage makes for the microphone’s impressive SPL handling and keeps self-noise to a minimum.  The RFI protection is high, making susceptibility to radio interference extremely low.

The M 400 series is designed for studio applications in radio, television broadcasting and films for live performance and recording of instruments, vocals and speech and sound reinforcement in the professional and semi-professional market, also for use under adverse acoustic conditions (eg: churches, cathedrals and large auditoria).

Please note that the microphone does not come with a microphone mount, which has to be ordered separately (you can use the MH93, EH93, or the inexpensive MH20 – a simple mount designed for 20mm Ø microphones).

NOTE: The microphone capsules from the SMS 2000 series can also be used on the MV 400 microphone bodies.

Finish: matt black

A Brief History of Microtech Gefell

M 400 Series flyer

MV 400X data sheet
MV 400L data sheet

M 40 data sheet
M 41 data sheet  –  this is still being prepared and will be upluaded as soon as it’s ready 
M 42 data sheet
M 43 data sheet


MV 400X/L preamplifier body specifications:

M 40 / 41 / 42 / 43  microphone head specifications:

M 40 (cardioid) frequency response & polar-patterns:

M 41 (super-cardioid) frequency response & polar-patterns:

M 42 (omni-directional) frequency response & polar-patterns:

M 43 (wide-cardioid / hypo-cardioid) frequency response & polar-patterns: