Large diaphraghm cardioid capicitor microphone – transformer version of the M 930

“It’s enough to make a gentleman stray from the paths of righteousness.”
Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound, November 2012

  • large output transformer with optimised circuit
  • low frequency response with negligible distortion
  • extended low frequency response
  • high dynamic range
  • very low noise floor of just 7 dB(A)
  • balanced earth-free output
  • high structure transmitted noise immunity
  • compact design

The M930 Ts studio microphone combines Gefell’s legendary large diaphragm capsule technology with an optimised output transformer and a specially developed circuit design, resulting in a signal transfer with negligible distortion together with an extended low frequency response, extremely low noise floor and high sound pressure level handling, even into a high external load. The condenser capsule has a diameter of 28 mm with a gold-plated polyester membrane accessories are available for XY-, ORTF and INA 5 arrangements. The low-impedance earth-free balanced transformer output of the M 930 Ts allows its use with longer cable lengths with negligible distortion and noise immunity. The proximity effect at low frequencies is well-balanced, without a strong overemphasis at close microphone distances.

Finish: satin nickel or dark bronze

A Brief History of Microtech Gefell

M 930Ts Data Sheet

Sound On Sound review of M 930Ts

Supplied complete with:
MH 93.1 microphone holder
Wooden box

Optional accessories:
Windscreen – W 76
Elastic (donut) suspension for holding Håkan P110 Pop Killer – EH 93-P satin nickel
Elastic (donut) suspension for holding Håkan P110 Pop Killer –EH 93-P dark bronze
Elastic suspension, incl. A93 – EA 93 satin nickel
Elastic suspension, incl. A93 – EA 93 dark bronze
Adaptor – A 93 satin nickel
Adaptor – A 93 dark bronze
XLR cable, 10m – C 70

Recommended – Håkan P110 Pop Killer – see HERE

Also available as a matched stereo sets for XY (with TD 93 holder), ORTF (with SH 93 holder), or in a 5.0 surround recording configuration (INA 5) or as a set with the INA 5R.