Sound-Link is the official UK Distributor for:  Microtech Gefell • ME-Geithain • HUM Audio Devices • Håkan Pop Killer • Maier Sound TURTLE • True Phantom

Sound-Link are happy to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Pro-Audio Show on Saturday the 19th of October

We will have the new Gefell “Generation 4M400 microphone series on the stand
as well as the NEW ME-Geithain MO-1 Mk.II monitors.

This is an excellent show that combines equipment, talks and a great networking opportunity – see here

ME-Geithain launch a new mini monitor with Dante option

MO-1 Mk.II

The relaunch of the MO-1, the MO-1 MKII, is not simply a product refresh; it is a complete redesign that surpasses its predecessor in both performance and functionality without forgetting what made the MO-1 stand out. The MO-1 MKII is more than a control monitor – it is a fully-fledged studio monitor that is perfect for spaces with limited room. Ideal for short listening distances, it unfolds its acoustic qualities in the broadcast van, compact studios, as an elegant surround speaker, or for the discerning audio and video professional right at the desk.

The coaxial design, the impeccable neutrality, and the high-quality craftsmanship are common features shared with all ME-Geithain products. However, the new MO-1 MKII utilizes powerful PWM amplifiers, a wide-range switched-mode power supply, and signal processing via DSP. The speaker comes with two XLR inputs, allowing for mono downmixing, and is optionally capable of receiving Dante streams and AES67 via the integrated network switch.

User-configurable DSP filters, presets, and adjustable time delay expand the functionality to a level that is unmatched in its class.

See here

Our demonstration pair has arrived!    Please contact us for a demo.

NEW – Gefell M 400 series “Generation 4” microphones

Size comparison: – M400-X (cardioid) – M300 (cardioid) – M420-L (omni)

Information here

We have ordered a complete demonstration set of matched pairs – it should be with us shortly

Sound-Link is the official UK Distributor for:  Microtech Gefell • ME-Geithain • HUM Audio Devices • Håkan Pop Killer • Maier Sound TURTLE • True Phantom

HUM Audio launched the new N-Trophy analogue mixing console at GearFest

This mixing console is totally custom-built to your requirements.  We have the demonstration unit in the UK and it will be available on loan to try out before you order the configuration you want with HUM Audio.  The demonstrator is currently on display at KMR in London.  In addition we will be having a demonstration Mastering Mixer arriving shortly – this is the central section of the conso;e that can be used as a stand-alone mastering console.

Please contact us if you want to try it and we will arrange for it to be brought to you.

The reaction of people at GearFest was extermely positive, with one person commenting that he now won’t need to get lots of outboard equipment as it’s all already in the console.  The console has a switch that you can freely chose the order of the routing of the Inserts, compressor and EQ in whatever order you choose. The meter can be switched to show the audio level at several different stages throughout the channel strip.

The N-audio has been designed by a sound engineer that actuslly uses the equipment, so it’s been designed to be what a recording engineer actually wants.

Details are here and the 8-page data sheet (which includes a full description and details of each module) is here

We are delighted that the HUM Audio N-Trophy has been nominated for an “SOS Award 2024”

HUM Audio launched the new LAAL (Look Ahead Analogue Limiter) last year and the reaction of evryone who tries it is “magic!” and HUM are selling them faster than they can make them.

The first one in the UK was purchased by Matt Colton at Metropolis Mastering and he commented: “The LAAL is the best analogue mastering limiter I’ve ever heard; punchy and fast, resulting in a smooth presence and brightness lift. The phase and centre image is absolutely rock solid, and it has bottom end for days.  It’s featured on the majority of my masters since I got hold of it.” 

Others went to Audio Animals who said: “One of the best limiters you will ever hear.  I’m actually blown by how good it sounds.”  They also commented: “When we first tried the LAAL we were turning it up and thought it was not working as the music did not sound limited at all; then we looked at the waveform and saw it working perfectly – that’s when we realised that we must have it.”

This unique unit is creating a lot of excitement – especially the unique function of being able to regenerate transients.

We have a demonstration unit in the UK that is available to try in your own studio.

We have updated the LAAL page with all the latest details and specs. see HERE.

We hold demo units of most Gefell microphones, all HUM Audio microphones, several ME-Geithain monitors, HUM Audio Devices, the Turtle and True Phantom.  If you want to try before you buy, just ask.


The New HUM Audio ARM-1 microphones have had an excellent review in the July 2020 issue of Sound On Sound (See here) and the Gefell M 102 received a very nice review in the October 2019 issue.

They said “The M102 is a very fine microphone indeed, with superb levels of transparency and resolution, deep bass extension, and crisp clear transients.”

You can read the full M102 review here.

The video with Microtech Gefell about the new M 102 microphone and the “Cube” 3D microphone array is HERE.

.At the annual AES European Convention in Dublin in 2019.  Sound-Link were manning the Microtech Gefell stand (and also showed the AETA codecs).  During the show, John WIllett was interviewed about the new microphones and AETA codecs – you can see the video above.